Bucket List

In the last few weeks, I have started accumulating a list of things to accomplish while in Japan.

Note: This list is subject to additions and revisions upon further educating myself on life in Japan.


  • 1. Climb to the summit of Mount Fuji and watch the sunrise from the top.
  • 2. Understand 50% of the Japanese spoken around me by the end of my year long contract. (this is ambitious… but I will do my best!)
  • 3. Go to an Onsen (Hot Spring Bath)
  • 4. Learn to make sushi
  • 5. Learn Calligraphy
  • 6. Show artwork in a gallery in Japan.
  • 7. Try Kyudo (Japanese archery)
  • 8. Travel to Japan’s 4 major islands.
  • 9. Know all 800 student’s names in my high school.
  • 10. Join an after school club activity.
  • 11. Learn to be a boss on a snowboard and/or ski’s
  • 12. Visit the snow monkeys!
  • 13. Start a new organization or club of some kind in my community
  • 14. Wear a kimono with cowboy boots. (International exchange! Oh, that isn’t what you had in mind?)
  • 15. Learn to sing karaoke in Japanese.
  • 16. Go to a Japanese musician’s concert.
That’s all I got so far. If you have any suggestions let me know.
Snow monkeys. Because I know you were wondering what the heck they were.

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  1. kerianne July 10, 2012 / 6:12 am

    Love it! I'm so excited for you!!!! Ahhh!

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